Let me indroduce myself.

My name is Kayla Klem, I was born in Moscow and KaterinaKopaeva. ART is my personal brand which referes to my birth name.

Please, read the following story of my artistc life.


I happen to be one of those people who have been connected to art all my life. As a kid, I was good at music and drawing, dancing and geometry.

At the age of fifteen, I started studying architecture. It’s no secret that studying architecture provides a deep knowledge of art and develops a specific vision. Personally, I can always tell if a piece of art was created by an architect. An architect’s world is made of shapes and lines, we silently measure everything and check the proportions without even noticing.

After seven years of studying architecture, in my early twenties I had to leave the profession I had everything to succeed in. Everything except the strength of an adult person to keep going despite all obstacles. Eventually, I’ve built a career in design, being proficient in different fields starting with design of wallpapers.

I settled for several years as a lead creative designer in marketing providing everything from the brand style materials to videos, animation and even doing copywriting. My greatest achievement is professional reputation that led me to working independently with agencies and european brands.


Besides my studies and job, I’ve always had my camera with me.

I am doing photography since 2007 and I used to experiment a lot studying basics on my own with the help of my artistic education and my eagerness to create something worthy.

Nowadays, I work for private clients mostly, shooting actor’s portfolios and business portraits. But there are interesting projects as well. Commercially I shoot with a DSLR, but for fun I shoot with FED, my father’s film camera from the Soviet era.

I also enjoy travel and urban photography, but as an artist I prioritise conceptual art as I wish it to speak for me. My interest in creative experimentation never waned, and photography is the art I feel destined for.


I usually define myself as an artist with the soul of a musician and the mind of an engineer. But the truth is that music was the beginning of my artistic journey, since the age of five when I started my eight-year education at children’s music school.

There is no reasonable explanation of how I managed to choose Architectural Design instead. I sometimes think that it chose me to make me what I am. But, afterall, I have to admit that I could never tell if I love music or architecture more. For me, the two arts are inextricably linked.

It was only a matter of time before music returned to my life in all its glory.

At first, there was classical singing teacher who believed in me from the very beginning. Then, there was the decision to finally get education, so I applied for the Musical Theatre supplementary vocational education and graduated successfully.

Sorry, but it's mine ©KaterinaKopaeva