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Hi, my name is Katerina Kopaeva and I welcome you on my website.
My life consists of art completely. I don't really have hobbies, because everything I enjoy doing, I am lucky to do professionally. My speciality is architectural design, and this kind of background influences all aspects of my artistic experience. After graduation I've chosen to be an artist rather than an architect, though. Through years I've changed my career paths several times. I've been working in different fields of design, including wallpaper production, where I've learnt a lot about patterns and rotary printing.
So, I am artist, who is proficient in pattern design, interior design and making illustrations. I happen to be a musician and a photographer as well... but this is another story, scroll to find out more;)


Everything I do is definitely a reflection of my nostalgic feeling about architecture, no matter what technique I choose. I mostly paint with oil and draw with liner, but I equally enjoy creating digital illustrations and making traditional architectural drawings.
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This long lasting affair started inappropriately early, at the age of five. It took me eight years in school of music to fall in love. The paradox is, despite the fact that I've always considered music an integral part of my life, for quite long there was no particular idea in my mind to become a professional musician. But it turned out that Universe itself decided otherwise and pushed me to take singing lessons, and to enter master's degree programme in opera singing.
My videos are available on Vimeo page, check the contact section for more information.


Another passion of my artistic life is photography. I've started doing photography at the age of nineteen, since then I've been shortlisted in several international contests. I am fond of lights and weird angles as much as I am fascinated with natural beauty of mountains and human-made constructions. Primarily, I am artist, and my camera is just another tool to express the World, the Thought, the Sense.


Feel free to contact me for custom-made artworks or about cooperation. My artworks are also available on Shutterstock .

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