Mental Module

In architecture, a module is a fragment of a structure or any other arbitrary unit that regulates the size and proportions of a construction.
The use of module guarantees a harmonious and solid result. 

The module is not ruled by any system and is unique to each building. 

Just as a person’s emotional system is built up from his life experiences, the building is made up of solid, unchanging elements, the mistakes of which can cause its destruction.
Emotional reactions also arise from the irregularity of the mental system.

Good or bad, emotions are caused by some kind of impression. 
This means that we associate different colours, compositions and contrasts with the corresponding emotions, which is known through numerous researches. 



I investigate how architectural photography is related to portraits. By comparing photographs from different years, I try to show that our emotional interpretation of a picture showing a person is similar to the impression we get from the angles and colours of surroundings or objects.


The Margin of Sanity

With the following series of photos from autumn 2020 I was trying to underline the moment of weakness when the mind is not in tune with the body.
Monochrome makes an impression of chaos that being muted, yet the chaos is still around, roaring, grinding, breaking. 

All of us were facing hard times in 2020.

But crossing the line is never an option.


Do you hear the rain that I feel?

Failed expectations can build up a wall of mistrust. The game of minds and egos always ends up with the feeling of the rain inside. But what if the rain that you feel is heard by someone who cares? One single touch can make you stop the game.


Glimpse of light

The darkest shadow lays near the light. One doesn’t exist without another.

There is always a glimpse of light to lead the way.

“The man in hat”

May 2021


“Night city vibe”

September 2020


“The subway”

June 2020


Sorry, but it's mine ©KaterinaKopaeva